5 Non-Google Apps That can make By using Android Nougat's App Shortcuts

Android Nougat made loads of features hidden within the hood and a few of which were even visible above. One of the most convenient of the, if you wanted to name them, might be split-screen multitasking, customizable quick settings tiles, and app shortcuts. These app specific shortcuts cause it to safer to directly access song of any app. Is really much like the right click on a Windows PC and the 3D talk about iOS. You will possibly not be using app shortcuts everyday, they are available quite handy after you have to rely on them. I enjoy launching Chrome in incognito starting from the homescreen. Usually, it\’d involve several taps. But sadly, there are not many apps outside Google’s apps that support these. So now we list some apps which do support app shortcuts and are not from Google.

Also, remember that app shortcuts are just available on Android 7.1 Nougat. But if your method is running a previous sort of Android your only option will be a custom launcher that supports app shortcuts. The optimum degrees of such launchers can be Nova Launcher and Action Launcher.

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1. Pulse Messenger

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