5 best BitTorrent Client Apps for Android

Top 5 BitTorrent Client Apps for Android

The BitTorrent file sharing protocol was introduced in 2001 and also, since it then has been used by scores of users worldwide. It really is intended to reduce the server and network impact of distributing large files: each computer for the network can be used to distribute files to most recipients, eliminating using this method the requirement for big servers. Statistics show that it truly is to blame for about 5% of internet bandwidth plus it enjoys between 15 and 25 million concurrent users during a period.

After its release, the BitTorrent protocol drew some controversy mainly because it has been used by so many to distribute copyrighted content, including movies, music, and software. However, this may not be its don\’t use anything but, it can be key for easily distributing big levels of data by companies, downloading desktop Linux ISOs and pushing game and software updates. One interesting truth is that BitTorrent is used internally by Twitter to push updates to their servers.

To download files via the BitTorrent network, anyone will need a special.torrent file or perhaps a magnet link. These are definitely then opened with a BitTorrent client App and still provide information about how to download the files.

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On Android, there is a plethora of BitTorrent client Apps available. Quite a few are descendants of well-known desktop clients. Here is a listing of the top five BitTorrent clients on Android, regarding features, speed, and usability:

1. BitTorrent

  • Price: Free with Ads / Paid Pro version with a lot more features

This may be the official Android BitTorrent App, designed by those who designed the protocol. It appears packaged all sorts of features, including magnet links support, file storage selection for downloads and WiFi-only gets in save mobile data. BitTorrent always includes the modern form of the BitTorrent core, enabling by far the most current features part of the protocol and improved performance. Moreover, it offers a media player for enjoying downloaded media directly via the App and download/upload speed limits. BitTorrent costs nothing but there is a paid Pro ad-free version available. The Pro version in addition has an auto-shutdown feature (which turns heli-copter flight device after all transfers are finished) and a power-saving feature.

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