Secure Your Messages with Signal Private Messenger

Text messaging does have additional private in the past couple of years. Even the most in-demand messaging service, WhatsApp, means end to absolve encryption for a lot of its users. But there are no longer a lot of apps that may claim an endorsement from Edward Snowden himself. Although, Signal Private Messenger is app that can. Signal is really a messaging app like WhatsApp or iMessage one that could be aimed at privacy rather than cute emojis. Therefore you be aware of it is nice at what it really does when Edward Snowden recommends it. Signal is free of charge to use which is entirely on Android and iOS as well as PC via Google Chrome.

Moreover, Signal may be a full option to your SMS app, if you want so that it is. Which means you can see any messages spot like iMessage. This functionality is merely entirely on Android devices though. Signal works like iMessage too, wherein you possibly can send free encrypted messages to whoever has the app, or possibly a simple un-encrypted SMS message to people who don’t possess the app. It uses your mobile number to identify yourself to your contacts like mobile messengers out there. That is, in any case, a very convenient method than requiring you to remember a whole new user ID and password.

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