Send Anonymous Messages with Sarahah App for Android

Sarahah App for Android

Sarahah, an app which lets people send constructive feedbacks or messages anonymously may be currently trending on both Google Play Store and Apple app Store. Sarahah is definitely an app which had been developed by a Saudi programmer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. This app is named Sarahah?dependant on an Arabic word which results in?\’frankness\’ or \’candour\’. Site app resembles the working of the app likewise which is to give frank answers towards another individual since the person’s identity aren\’t going to be revealed. This app was published earlier nonetheless the app begin to gather people’s attention in the month of June this holiday season. Currently, its essentially the most downloaded apps within the Google Play Store with Tens of millions of app downloads already.

The developers within the Sarahah app have described the app being a platform that “can help you in discovering your strengths and regions of improvement by receiving honest feedback out of your employees as well as your friends within a private manner”. Place since the app will not keep username or passwords in the sender. Instead, now you can go to link and comment to offer anonymous feedback.

Talking about Sarahah, it is just a quite simple app to begin and workout for sending out anonymous messages. A few of the features of the Sarahah app include saving the anonymous messages, seeking various individuals that already use Sarahah?with the app’s search feature and in addition seeking the audience that you receive the messages only.

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First coming from all, anytime a user hopes to establish a opportunity for customers to send anonymous messages then this app helps you log on or register a fresh account. If the user have not registered on Sarahah yet, the app will let you register plus a new account is going to be created. In order to put together the registration form, the app will ask an end user for your username and that is some of the name of your other half then Do be aware that this username are usually accessed by having a browser plus the app has a website also. The usernames are typically set as Other details for registration include Name, Email, and Password.

Sarahah app subscribe screen

After registration, you can receive anonymous messages through providing one of the links towards Sarahah username on various social media marketing platforms like Facebook. The other screens to the Sarahah app are pretty barebones for the reason that main objective in the app will be to give anonymous messages only.

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Sarahah app profile screen

The first screen that will be seen to the Sarahah app is a profile screen from the user which shows the username. The actual user along with the amount of messages that were received by other individuals.

Sarahah app settings screen

In the settings of Sarahah app, you possibly can set notification sound to show off or on and also understand the notification preview. The app also allows you to select to be able to feature and search results to ensure that you can post in your username. Really, the app offers the approach to select language and correct together with the official Sarahah accounts on Facebook and twitter.

Sarahah app search screen

Sarahah also enables you to find one other users of Sarahah of they already have fired up the choice to enable other users hunt for your username.

Sarahah app explore screen

Sarahah app posseses an explore tab likewise that is certainly currently a place holder plus the screen reads soon. We haven\’t known what this explore tab will feature however the description claims that this explore feature are going to be to be found in the subsequent update.

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This app is very good for sending and receiving constructive messages in regards to a person for the reason that identity is kept anonymous. This app is actually located on google\’s Play Store without cost.

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