Set Reminders for Important Events with Hurry App for Android

Hurry app for Android

Hurry is a latest app over the Google Play Store which has been designed by the Sam Ruston that\’s the?developer of famous apps like Weather Timeline, a weather?information app and Flamingo which is a Twitter client for Android. The best aspect coming from all the apps that had been produced by Sam Ruston is its software and the form of the app and its functionality. This app, just as the other apps produced by Sam Ruston incorporates a minimalistic design and it is totally different from other apps that have been found on the Google Play Store. Weather conditions timeline app which happens to be found in the paid form about the Google Play Store also got the fabric Design award from Google in 2015 due to the design.

Here, let us discuss the latest application which has been provided by this developed to the Google Play Store. This app is named Hurry and it\’s for absolve to download. This app is founded on the idea of setting reminders with the important?events to ensure unfortunately we cannot miss out on the events which have been scheduled later. If we add a meeting from the app, you will see a countdown to your event in the app and we\’ll get notified whenever the presentation is getting ready to start.

Hurry App Add events button

Now, after you first open the app, you will come across an empty screen using a message that says no event has become added yet. To be able to add a gathering, you\’ll need to choose the + icon that\’s placed at the bottom of the screen as noticed in has a tendency to screenshot.

Hurry Add event section

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After clicking on the + icon to increase a meeting, you will come across a part where you should be able to add some event for setting the countdown. In this section, you will observe choices to name the presentation and set the time and date when the big event is scheduled besides what the event is really. Besides that, there is a possibility to select the photos on the web or your own photos or select none to get no photos in the photos option.

Hurry Event Category options

The application lets you opt for the event category from various options like Concert, Wedding, Holiday, Birthday etc.

Hurry Event Date selector option

Then, it will eventually prompt to select the date of the event plus the amount of the presentation through the Date and Time selector.

Hurry Photos selector option

The app, stated helps you select photos on the phone’s gallery or we will choose the photos from your Web

Hurry Photos via internet option

After adding the reminder, the expensive vacation event will probably be added onto your property screen with the app additionally, the countdown are visible the app in the process.

Hurry app home screen after adding events

Apart in the functionality from the app, Hurry boasts some widgets which might be added to the household screen to see the events that had been put in the app without having to open the app. The widgets also show the countdown with the event in relation to days left with the event to happen. The widgets that are offered for any app sometimes appears from the screenshot attached down below

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Hurry Widgets about the home screen

This app is available for download from the Google Play Store at no cost also it can be useful for getting reminders within the events that happen to be scheduled to come later. Download the app and let us know your expertise in when using the app in the comments section below.

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