4 Best Android Apps You ought to be Using Right Now (Part 4)

4 Best Android Apps

Welcome again Droidviewers and tech enthusiasts. Today, I\’m back with the fourth the main 4 best Android apps you will be using now compilation of articles. In the event you haven’t investigate the previous elements of the series, here your going with part 1, 2, and 3.

If you may have look at previous parts, you might have realized that continuously, We have stressed the necessity of apps. Their relevance in the everyday life and so they enhance and improve our life and mobile experiences altogether.

All said, let’s start then.

1. Frost

This the first is amazing and in my honest opinion, the perfect vacation Facebook client adjusted writing this article.

Setting up:

Welcome to Frost
Select a layout?that you picked. LIGHT, DARK, AMOLED or GLASS
My favorite theme is the GLASS theme. This theme is a plain beauty. I possibly could not ask for more.
Ability so as to add multiple accounts also once very easy to exchange signal of and fro.
Intuitive software.
Context aware.

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User Interface:

Frost features a simple, attractive and intuitive gui. You merely swipe to certainly visit the available tabs which might be pretty much self-explanatory. Checkout the screenshots below.

News feed tab currently selected and shown. Properly designed gui.
Swipe through the left edge of the screen to reach available alternatives. Moreover, you can also add or switch accounts we are able to.
Add or switch accounts.


To explore the various features available, swipe through the left edge of the screen then tap Settings.

Settings or features available. You may get a new theme, Behaviour, News Feed settings, notification among many others.

Frost Pro is definitely an in-app purchase showcasing an advert blocker, custom themes for starters. Pro version would run you only $1.49, that we think is worthwhile.

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