Create your Phone Secure with 12 Simple Security Tricks for Android

12 Simple Security Approaches for Android

Android: The harder it’s open, the less it’s secure

Android OS is, is and definitely will forever end up being the most customizable, flexible and versatile mobile os in this handset. Its open source nature is the reason why it develop the qualities I mentioned. Regarding free nature, Android provides its user having the ability to tinker with various facets of the OS for instance applying a custom theme, installing third-party launchers and apps. Moreover, it also easily allows its users to root their unit and just remember download almost any files or apps from unknown or unofficial sources (official source for apps is the Google Play Store). However, though every one of these qualities i mentioned previously besides helps it be a great OS for the users in existence but within the same these qualities come for security risks. Because of the free nature, the OS falls prey to a lot malware, spyware and web attacks.

Ok, now, the mentioned risks aside as those emerge from with all the unofficial sources to setup apps and download files and more. Today, I would like to look at simple security tips built regularly into the OS as well as very helpful apps that ought to help you secure your smartphone against unauthorized access and usage (this might also assistance to minimise the risks that I mentioned earlier towards a good extent).

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All said, let’s begin to do 12 simple ideas to ensure your Android secure against unauthorized access.

12 Simple Security Tricks for Android

1. Install Lookout Security & Antivirus application

I know this isn’t a built-in feature, nevertheless could extremely allow you to secure your smartphone beyond the features already baked into the OS. Moreover, I would suggest any time you simply purchase a brand new smartphone, first thing for you to do is install Lookout Security and AntiVirus app. Furthermore, this app is basically effective and in-turn would help keep completely new phone from any security compromises and loopholes as the security definitions are usually updated above the air. I am utilizing this app for 5 years plus the stuff cause me to feel recommend this app over other people are that in my experience, it is extremely very battery efficient and memory friendly. Up to now no issues in anyway using this app. Refer the screenshots below and also the Google Play Store link for the app is given below.

Lookout Security and AntiVirus.
Simple graphical user interface.

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